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Aron Barreira Bordin here,



My name is Aron Bordin and I’m Brazilian researcher and freelancer. I’m studying Computer Science at São Paulo State University, and always coding something fun on my free-time :)

I’ve been testing new tools, documenting it and contributing to open source communities. I can tell you that there are a lot of perfect tools, but unfortunately they still not well documented or people just don’t even know about it. :(

Currently, my main focus is on Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Neuroscience, Image Processing, and Natural Language Processing (NLP); also, I love to contribute with open source communities as often as possible. I’m the maintainer of some open source tools (like Kivy Designer, Neo-HPSTR, etc), and always opening some pull requests :)

I post about it on my external blogs.

You can find me at github @aron-bordin

Background (TL;DR)

This is an overview on what I have done so far; and my plans for the near future as a researcher/developer :)

When I was 13 or 14, I was little annoyed. I was not able to turn my Xbox Controller off when using it on Windows. I contacted support and some forums, the only solution: “You must to remove the batteries to turn it off”. (?!) I didn’t want to remove it…

My first coding experience

I friend of mine that was studying Computer Science told me once: “With programming, you can do anything”. So, why not try to learn some programming language to turn my controller off?? I downloaded VS, and had my first experiences with C++ :) Actually, it was a quite boring. It was not so easy to learn and understand what was going on in the beginning…

In the first week, I was able to read button values from my controller, and then it becomes more and more exciting. After some days, I finished my first app. A GUI application to turn off the controller. The application starts with the Windows and runs on background, and then with a long press on Xbox logo, Booom! A windowed app will appear, asking if I want to turn the controller off :)

I just loved it. It was an amazing experience for me. Some simple English verbs… controlling a wireless controller…

My childhood dream: make an amazing game!

I had spent major part of my childhood playing games, and had always loved the idea to create my own.

After my first experience with programming, I tried to use some game engines and code some games. Actually I developed some basic ones, using sprites and sounds from the web. But when I had an idea, I always got stuck: I was not a designer :(

Computer Programming - Officially

On 2012 I started a technical course about computer programming. I have always been a quite proactive; learning by myself; studying a lot of languages, a lot of tools and techniques; and then loving it more and more.

On 2013 I got my first internship. I worked with Phonegap, PHP websites/products, Python scripts, and some automation scripts at Triata. This was an amazing experience for me. I worked there for 18 months :)

OW! Computer Science!


On 2015, I started to study Computer Science at São Paulo State University.

Currently, I’m developing some extra curricular projects with the University, it’s a perfect way to learn cool and different topics :)

Also, I’m developing researches about non-linear Programming and its applications in Machine Learning.


Now, I’m studying/researching a lot of Neural Networks and Deep Learning ! This is my focus from now, and I started to write and publish my first academic papers about it !!! I’m very excited about it :D

Google Summer of Code !?


For me, 2015 was one of the best years. In my first University semester I just got accepted in Google Summer of Code 2015 !! I have been using Kivy in some projects for a while, and then when I got the opportunity to learn more and contribute to a project that I love… Amazing !

I worked with Kivy Designer, a tool that makes cross platform and UI development with Python easier. I’m still working with Kivy Designer. I think that the perfect thing about GSoC is that it’s the perfect tool to help any student to get started with Open Source projects. After the summer, I was experienced enough to be able to maintain and continue developing this project.


This is my second time at GSoC !!

I created the scrapy-streaming tool.

Scrapy is one of the most popular web crawling and web scraping framework. It’s written in Python and known by its good performance, simplicity, and powerful API. However, it was only possible to write Scrapy’s Spiders using the Python Language.

The goal of this project was to provide an interface that allows developers to write spiders using any programming language, using json objects to make requests, parse web contents, get data, and more. Also, a helper library was developed for Java, JS, and R.

Thank you Google :)

What is the next step?

Right now I’m focused on my studies and University. I’d love to be a great Data Scientist in the near future, so I’m focusing in ML, Deep Learning, Probability, NLP and related fields right now.

Best of luck for me :)


These are my personal blogs:

Dev Blog - Rhesoft

R&D Blog - Aron Bordin’s Labs


  • March 2016 - August 2016

    Wow! I’m at Google Summer of Code!! Again !! Worked with Python Foundation with Scrapy Streaming project

  • February 2016 - Until Now

    I’m the coordinator of Saci Lab Unesp (Adaptive Systems and Computational Intelligence Laboratory), a lab about Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

  • March 2015 - August 2015

    Wow! I’m at Google Summer of Code!! Worked with Python Foundation with Kivy Designer

  • April 2015 - October 2015

    My first job with ML! Internship with R&D at Finch Soluções, working with NLP and Java.

  • April 2015 - Until now

    I’m at University! Computer Science student at São Paulo State University :)

  • September 2013 - January 2015

    My first job as a programmer! Internship with R&D, focusing on Mobile and Web solutions.

  • February 2012 - December 2014

    Started to study Computer Programming at CTI - Unesp/Bauru. One of the best Brazilian public school. And one of best decision I had ever made :)

  • 2010 or 2011

    My first program. I was able to turn my wireless controller off with C++ !


Some important achievements

  • ICPC - 1º Place Programming Contest Brazil - First Phase (Regional)
  • OBFEP - Brazilian Physics Olympiad - Bronze Medal
  • OBA - Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad - Golden Medal
  • OBA - Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad - Silver Medal
  • OBI - Brazilian Computing Olympiad - Honorable Mention
  • OBI - Brazilian Computing Olympiad - Silver Medal
  • OBMEP - Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad - Bronze Medal
  • OBMEP - Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad - Bronze Medal
  • OBMEP - Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad - Bronze Medal


Send me an email if you would like to get in touch, hire me for your next project, have questions or feedback on my work, or just want to say hello.